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The Stressglas

When we are born, we normally sparkle with energy. There is not too much stress in our lives. But the older we get, the more things happen that produce a bad feeling inside – we call these incidents ‘stressors’. These stressors have two effects: One the one hand they fill up what I’d call our ‘stress glass’ and at the same time they diminish our energy inside the body. In contrast to a computer the human body saves every single incident, accident, situation and emotion on its hard disk – no matter if we want this specific detail to be saved or not. Thus, in most people’s lives there is a point when the stressors overpower the energy within. This usually has an enormous influence on many levels of their lives.

What exactly are those ‘stressors’?

Stressors can be various. The most obvious ones are massive emotional strains and burdens or traumata. But even ‘small’ incidents that we do not even take seriously can become huge problems for us. Sometimes stressors stem from our own patterns like an excessive drive for perfection or exaggerated expectations of life. Stressors can also be found in our outside world – a growing amount of noise, a fast-paced way of life, a sensual overload called forth by our modern media…

Every person has a different point when he or she reacts to those influences. Some are more sensitive, others can cope with these challenges more easily – or at least think so…

If we do not only deal with these stressors on a mental level but also encourage the body to ‘delete’ all this unwanted information we can reduce our stress level and at the same time increase our energy level.

What is the procedure?

After a short introductory talk in which we evaluate your situation and the immanent topic, we use the kinesiological test to find out what we can do for you. This text enables us to see very individually what exactly you need and where to start work. A session usually takes between 90 and 120 minutes.

If you are not sure whether this kind of work is your cup of tea you can also book a short session of 60 minutes to meet me and the method and to see what kinesiology can do for you.


Legal notice
While a multitude of scientists, holistically oriented physicians, alternative practitioners and psychotherapists believe that Kinesiology as an additional support of medical and psychological treatment can contribute to the relief of health disorders and stress, its effectiveness is not proven by assured scientific facts. Kinesiology does not present a medical science and is no sufficient replacement for medical or psychotherapeutic treatment. It is to be understood as a counselling method in health and life issues and does not serve to treat or heal illnesses. In case of medical disorders or illnesses a medical or psychotherapeutic treatment please consult a physician, alternative therapist or psychotherapist.




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