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As a kinesiologist I have gone through an extensive, 3-year training and have to gain further qualifications regularly. Because of this my methods contain several forms of kinesiology (Health Kinesiology, Transformational Kinesiology, Touch for Health and Brain Gym) as well as systemic approaches, methods like Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), knowledge of geo-biological influences and several other techniques and knowledge.
In working relevant techniques are chosen by your body according to the body’s knowledge of the smoothest but yet most effective approach for your personal well-being. In the following I would like to introduce you to the two most important methods which have shown to be the major pillars of my work.

Health Kinesiologie (HK)

Health Kinesiologie was developed by the American physio-psychologist Dr. Jimmy Scott and is an independent holistic approach. It combines most recent findings of Dr. Scott’s research with the knowledge of applied kinesiology, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), modern psychology and newest insights of bioenergetics, brain research and quantum physics.

Human Design System (HDS)

We know that every person is different from all the others. Nevertheless, we keep trying to make people all the same – we expect everybody to function as we want them to. A person who has found out something about him- or herself assumes that everybody else’s lives work the same way. This leads to a lack of appreciation of people’s existing potentials and strengths and the fact that many people live the lives of others instead of their own.

The Human Design System shows you the easiest and best way for you – and only you – to live. What is the best strategy for me? Which part of my true self has been suppressed by my ‚education’ and my surroundings? Which character traits can help me as soon as I realise that they are part of my authentic self?

With the help of the HDS weg et valuable impulse for the origin of issues that bother us and to evaluate how we best work in society or spezial groups- eg their working environment. It presents a huge first step in recognising who and what your true self is.

Legal notice
While a multitude of scientists, holistically oriented physicians, alternative practitioners and psychotherapists believe that Kinesiology as an additional support of medical and psychological treatment can contribute to the relief of health disorders and stress, its effectiveness is not proven by assured scientific facts. Kinesiology does not present a medical science and is no sufficient replacement for medical or psychotherapeutic treatment. It is to be understood as a counselling method in health and life issues and does not serve to treat or heal illnesses. In case of medical disorders or illnesses a medical or psychotherapeutic treatment please consult a physician, alternative therapist or psychotherapist.




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