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To be ‚stressed out’ is more than just a fashionable idea by a clever marketing industry. More and more people begin to understand that ‘stress’ is not to be found in a crammed schedule but that we as human beings react to stress on various levels: mentally, emotionally and even physically. Coping with and preventing stress are therefore important skills that need to be learned, especially if you want to stay (or become) healthy.

Your personal stress level

It has become fashionable to ask how safe appliances, institutions or organisation are – are they able to cope with a certain amount of pressure? We try to find out if a nuclear power plant can withstand an earth quake or if banks are proof against a market crash.

But who sees to it that you as a human being stay within your limits of what you can cope with? So: Are you ‘stressed out?’ Just answer these questions for yourself and find out:

  • Do you make a fuss about things easily – especially about things you haven’t seen coming, about special situations or people?
  • Are you often ‘hyped up’?
  • Do you often feel helpless, powerless or too burdened to come to terms with all those challenges in your life?
  • Do you keep chewing situations or challenges over and over without ever getting a result?
  • Are you lacking joy of life and the desire to explore it?

If you answer one or more questions with a clear ‘yes’, your stress level could be too high. I am the person to ask what to do to change this condition. So why don’t you just browse all my pages and find out what I can do for you. And if there are questions: Please do not hesitate to ask – by sending an email or simply calling one of my numbers. I’m looking forward to helping you!




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