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Invest in the resource ‘employee’ and clear the way for healthy growth in your business

As a good businessperson you have plans, goals, to-do-lists and concepts. These guarantee – or at least everybody says so - growth and sustainability in your business.

As important as these points are: What most people do not consider in respect of their company is a simple natural law: Employees are human beings. And where there are humans involved, fears, struggles for power and influence, stubbornness, lack of sympathy and many other psychological and emotional aspects sabotage our most perfected ideas of what can be achieved. Motivation vanishes, and this can often not be reversed by a simple slogan like ‘Yes, we can!’ or a nice run across hot coals.

In time when the resource ‘employee’ get scarce we start realising that we are humans and no machines that can always perform perfectly without being bothered by a mass of work and a disturbing work environment. We begin to understand that it is growing more and more important to face the aspects of being a human – what kind of fears, which interpersonal issues, which emotions are responsible for problems in the company? Many challenges of this sort can interfere with the smooth flow of work. Some reasons why grow does not occur in business can be:

  • Bad teamwork
  • Lack of motivation
  • Lack of readiness to accept change in the company
  • Lack of willingness to change

Face these challenges. I can help you find the human factors in your company that prevent growth and help you change these aspects. Together we can manage a better working environment for more content employees – that is a precondition for the growth of your business. Furthermore, good strategies for stress management and awareness of stressors enable you to improve preventive care and reduce absenteeism.




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